Presentation Format for the Online & Live Presentation Rounds

All stages of selection for e-Fest use the same judging criteria, with the exception of the video versus live presentation elements (online versus live judging round). All judges have extensive entrepreneurship experience and will refer to the same rubric to guide their scoring.

Presentation Format

The slide deck can be anything the team would like to submit. Since the goal is to demonstrate good entrepreneurial thinking and practice, we offer a sample PPT outline with some key topics that should be addressed.

Students: Download the Sample .PPT Presentation Template (Alternative: Download in ZIP file Format)

Presentation Rooms (Live final rounds)

The judging rounds will be in rooms with projectors. These rooms are built to support Microsoft Office and PC computers. Our advice is to create presentations in PowerPoint or PDF format, to ensure compatibility, but other formats have been used with success (e.g., Prezi). Importantly, there will be time on Friday to access the presentation rooms and test the technology and presentation. This is a must do, as there is no time to troubleshoot during the actual judging rounds!

Students will be able to hook up their laptops or provide presentations on a USB drive. Students with Macs should be sure to bring the adapter (dongle) that converts the video output to HDMI.